Monday, July 23, 2007

the pixie hat

That's what they called it in the 1970's issue of Sunset's "Gifts You Can Make". Basically it's just two half circles sewn into a cone (one for outside, one for lining). Pretty easy, but I tried to butch it up a bit by sewing down the "pixie" point of the cone and using a tan canvas. Added bonus, I also found out that Sam stays sitting still if you photograph him while sipping OJ!

Here it is again form the back, rotated 90 degrees so the points face a different direction. You can see the basic shape. Easy, right?!! I want to try to make it again, probably a little bigger. I might even try a really big one for me (pixie point intact? Hmmm....)


alex schaefer said...

Sam is adorable! He looks like the cutest little elf in that hat!

alex schaefer said...

(I've tried to send this a few times to your e-mail but the mailbox is full... here comes the longest 'comment' ever)

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for your concern and I hope you're all right too! From your e-mail I can tell you're safe, I hope your home is too. My parents home was spared but the fire came within 4 feet of the main house. The RSF fire chief said the landscaping saved them; the succulents and drought resistant garden kept the flames at bay. They lost some wood patio structure but it's very minor damage. They all had to evacuate and have been living at my sister's place. I'm so relieved that everything is fine... AMAZING!! My grandparents house which is right on the golf course was never in any peril.


alex schaefer said...

Hey Shannon! To make you HAPPY is the POINT of PAINTING!! So your comment makes me glad. ^_^