Thursday, January 31, 2008


Before Christmas I got it into my head that I would sew coasters. By the time I got through the second or third piece, this idea turned out to be boring in both process and result, and also pretty poor on consistency of execution. But I didn't mind sewing little random squares that ended up looking a lot like homemade pancakes, so the question became, now what to do? I re-classified a few coasters as something I'm calling "vase mats", and that made it more fun. And then with some others, I'm doing some patchwork experimentation. I haven't tried to set a vase on this one yet, I'll try that crazy triple fusion of ideas tomorrow maybe. It would be interesting if I had a lot more of them (i.e. more than one.). Check back in several many months from now...?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

my eyes see

Just looking around the studio, there's a lot piled around (truly, piled) so I plucked this out this morning. This little thing been hanging around for a while and is inspired by an ongoing collaborative postcard project that I do with my friend Lynne. I'm not sure where this postcard is going from here, so maybe the next step is to send it to Lynne to work her magic on it.

The book page is salvaged from one of Sam's favorites when he was a baby, The Eye Book. The little sticker inside the tea wrapper flap shows a little monkey that says *don't forget!*. And there's the little peanut himself, peeking out from inside the pocket.