Tuesday, March 11, 2008

upcoming show

Hey, I thought I added a post about this, but now I don't see it! Anyway, exciting news, even worth repeating twice. I have a show coming up at the museum in town, the California Center for the Arts. I'm organizing my work, figuring out what to show, how to show it, and feeling very energetic and a little nervous. We're going to call it Little Drawings I think. Yay! It opens Saturday June 28th, save the date!


Antrese said...

Hey Shannon-- Congrats on the show! Fabulous news! You're gonna do great!

alex schaefer said...

Hey! Awesome news about the show. Rock it! I've been to that place in Escondido, it's got a good reputation. How about that LET'S PAINT TV!?!? Good suggestions, maybe there should be a three year old pulling on is pants going "daddylookitdaddylookitdaddylookitdaddylookit..."
and there's a lean cuisine on fire in a microwave. Up the ante!! Come on!!!