Monday, June 30, 2008

little drawings, the show

Museum01Saturday evening was the opening of my show at the California Center for the Arts. People, I won't lie to you, it was a lot of hard work getting here, over months of working weekends, on my sorry pregnant feet. I have many people to thank and I couldn't have done it without you~ D., C., G., mom, dad, K., for domestic support, Olivia and Mary Catherine for giving me the opportunity, Laura for taking on practical responsibilities for 130+ teeny tiny pieces of art, and Nicole and crew for expert installation. I could not be more satisfied and thrilled with the results. And thanks to all my friends and family that could make it out for the big evening. It meant a lot ot me. :-)

My muse, in one last moment of enthusiastic patience. When I asked him if he liked my art party, or not so much, he confessed, "Not so much." At one point, a guard scared him when he reached out to touch the art, not understanding that Sam's been living intimately with these items for several months now!

"Grandma's picture wall" was the installation guiding theme here.

Hanging out with G. and C.

Sam and Grandma get a closer look.

Sam, D., my dad, my mom, me, Aunt D. and Uncle A. 
Here Sam displays "not liking this so much anymore" body language.

My hall. The case holds process work from Ook the Book and some other book illustrations, and the far wall shows work from the Marcel Wanders project.

Summer openings mean wine and snacks outdoors, aah. Lucky weather, not 104 degrees like the weekends before!

Me and C. 
Sam loves to hang with Grandma.

...and later, homemade cake at my mom's house. Aaaw, thanks!

Not to mention flowers that greeted me at reception from a very special friend in Seattle. Thanks sweetie, they are gorgeous.

Aaah, so now I can just enjoy, and finish baking the bun. For those who still want to catch the show, it's running through November. Thanks again everyone!!


paige said...

Looks so fantastic, Shannon! And you look fantastic too. I'm glad it turned out so well, but I would never have doubted otherwise.

many kisses!

Polly said...

Everything looked spectacular! Your talent never ceases to amaze me and we're so very proud of you and all your accomplishments.

Marieke said...

Oh wow Shannon, it looks lovely! So sorry to miss it! Good luck with the last bit of the 3rd trimester. Thanks for the e-card. Lots of love xxxx miss you too!!!! Marieke

shannon m. said...

Thanks guys. xo ;-)