Sunday, August 28, 2011

last one~ the TABLE pt. IV/ the bag

The bag! This is almost my favorite part of the table project in a way, because this is when the obsession with this thing reached it's peak madness for me personally. I think it was the day before the auction when I completed these totally unnecessary yet totally necessary objects. Although our children were really at the heart of the inspiration for this project, it occurred to me that I didn't know exactly how much they themselves were getting out of the whole thing, other than free license to run amok while the adults were absorbed in work. At the end of the day it's the little humans that are important, and I wanted to make objects only for them, to say thank you for your contribution, you are special.

I made two designs, one for our boys, one for our girl, from art used in the table. I sewed the bag out of this awesome hand loomed cotton canvas that I bought at an estate sale, possibly some anthropological artifact from a century ago, who knows, but anyway so perfect! It had a gorgeous selvedge that I left unseamed at the top. It was hard to silkscreen on, like sandpaper, but it gave an interesting hand. Webbing was from Echino and Sew LA.

pretty selvedge!

I hadn't silkscreened at home in like, twenty years. It hasn't changed. See how cheap thrifty I am by cramming two designs on one screen!

Pressing seams and stuff. I cut, printed, and heat fixed each panel before I started sewing. I used this tutorial on the Purl Bee as a loose guide for the pattern.

Pinning webbing, assembly line style. Here the auction is in a few days and the table itself, the original project, is complete. And I am wondering if I could be a little OCD at this point.

At the event, I presented the kids with their bags (inside: a blank sketchbook, a pen, some gum, cookies, and ninja mask -yeah! from the Japanese dollar store.) When they sat down in the Table to draw, it was all so worth it!!! Thanks again, little muses. XOXO


David Hoard said...

I love the way you write, blogger girl.

SHLP said...

omg omg omg (excitement like a teenage girl...) your stuff is hot!